Prints, forms and services for public amministration

Supply of Civil Status Registers
All sheets that are compatible with software for Demographic Services, with front page customisation and personalised preparation and design; Customised canvas or presspahn ring binders for storing records;

Binding Service for Civil Status Records and Attached Files
Annual, five-year and ten-year bindings, professionally produced according to the required characteristics

Supply of Forms and Accessories used in Demographic Services Offices (also customised)
Registry, Civil status, Electoral

Supply of Forms for Local Police Offices (road circulation)
Customised Warning and Caution Booklets, European model disabled car stickers (standard and customised with anti-counterfeiting holograms)

Binding Service for Administration Acts
Bindings for Board/Council deliberations and resolutions, Contracts, Protocol Registries etc. professionally produced according to the required characteristics

Graphic design and printing
Customised prints for all requirements: Posters, Folders, Envelopes and Letters in various formats, all forms used by Municipal Offices

Stamps, Signs and Plaques
Rubber and metal stamps; House number plaques; Various signs; Modular customised signs for Municipal Offices